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19-20 May 2022:

Sweden's first Women's Parliament gathers to discuss whether restructuring and new industrialization require equality with Sweden's women's organization, Vinnet, Sweden's Riksdag and several women's associations in the Riksdag.

 We are gathering Speakers, Members of Parliament from all Riksdag parties, women's organizations, experts and experts for Sweden's first Women's National Day to discuss and find solutions to skewed distribution patterns that derive from both economic development and an equal society.

 Male-dominated industries receive more extensive government business support compared to female-dominated industries. Entrepreneurial men receive more public funding than entrepreneurial women, both calculated in kronor and in the proportion of granted applications 30% to women and 70% to men.

 Hand in hand for women has made an important contribution on "Foreign-born women's establishment and self-sufficiency in labor markets" in Sweden's first Women's Day.

 We demand to build a women's commission with all women in the association to focus on the integration of more foreign-born women and have a better opportunity in the labor markets in Sweden.

 🔺It is most important to create and strengthen opportunities in the labor market and requirements for the integration of foreign-born women.

 🔺To strengthen the conditions of foreign-born women to find work.

 🔺To collaborate with the power and experiences of foreign-born women to provide better opportunities for them in society.

 🔺We demand financial freedom and a life that is not dependent on men.

 We demand to see more outreach work and more targeted efforts to reach and support women who are neither working, studying nor looking for a job.

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