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Our Work

Gender equality means equal rights, obligations, responsibilities, and opportunities for women and men and girls and boys. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world.

Hand in Hand for Women is an association fighting for women’s rights and gender equality. Gender Equality constitutes the fundamental value of our association.

To work for increasing gender equality is to work for all people to be able to shape their lives as individuals, without perceptions of gender limiting us. The reports and the publications of the association serve the purpose of gender equality and women’s rights. 

To sum up, the aim of the establishment and projects of the Hand in Hand for Women are to encourage women to integrate from the social, cultural, and economic perspective, also prevent the inequality that could be a result of language, ethnicity, and gender. We strongly believe and fight for gender equality. In order to dispose of the obstacles that prevent integration and equal participation of the newcomer immigrant women in Sweden, we conduct these projects. 

In these projects, we collaborate with several organizations such as The Sveriges Kvinnoorganisationen

 FOLK i Skärholmen, and Jobbtorget-unga skärholmen. In addition, we used to collaborate with ABF. 

An equal future is possible if we fight for it.  Hand in Hand for Women is fighting for gender equality.

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