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The women's movement calls on Turkey not to leave the Istanbul Convention

Today, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we demonstrate together with our member organization Sweden's Women's Lobby to ensure that Turkey adheres to the Istanbul Convention.

The Istanbul Convention is the first legally binding agreement on violence against women in Europe and Turkey was the first country to sign it in 2012.

This year, however, the Turkish government is threatening to abandon the convention as high-ranking politicians claim it threatens traditional family values.

Sweden's Women's Lobby and Hand in Hand for Women are demonstrating today for Turkey to adhere to international commitments on women's rights and for more countries to accede to the convention. Read more via the website.



Clara Berglund, Sweden's Women's Lobby, will participate in Sweden's CSW65 Side Event: Changing norms, promoting rights. The power and impact of conventions today at 3pm.

The Istanbul Convention is widely recognised as the most far-reaching legally binding instrument to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence as a violation of human rights.


The webinar will explore the practical implementation and impact of these norms and standards for greater protection and support, for improved legislation, policies, services and the discourse on the violence women and girls experience and how they are supported and empowered.

For more information about Istanbul Convention, click the button below:

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