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Political Persecution and Intersections of Violence against Women in Turkey:
"Stories of forced migrants"

March 7, 2020



Hand in Hand for Women releases a report titled “Political Persecution and Intersections of Violence against Women in Turkey: Stories of forced migrants.”

This report focuses on women witnesses of the current political persecution in Turkey.

The report highlights gender aspect of political persecution, torture and ill treatment that is combined through deriving first hand data via in-depth interviews with survivors of such violence, torture and ill treatment.

This short report aims to:
▪ To underline massive extend of political persecution and human rights violations in Turkey affecting thousands of people including women and children
▪ To integrate gender aspect to studies on torture and ill-treatment and violence against women in Turkey under detention / imprisonment
▪ To voice the stories of forced migrants of Turkey to create better understanding of their presence in Europe

We are hoping that our report may serve such mutual understanding, trust among these immigrant women and their newly adjoined societies; better and welcoming social policies for immigrants and refugees. We are also aiming that transferring such deep stories will bring light on certain stage of history.

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