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Cultural Journey
(Together for equality and integration)


Hand in Hand for Women and Kuturens Study Association

work together

in the Cultural Journey Project

Performing Ochestra


The Cultural Journey is a social and cultural project to strengthen foreign-born and newcomer women in Swedish society. And encourages newcomer women to use the Swedish language and get to know Swedish culture through the power of Swedish literature.

Do you want more cultural activities in your life? Then participate in our Cultural Journey project.

Foreign-born and newcomer women will have good language skills, networks and self-confidence by participating in cultural activities. By participating in cultural events, they gain increased knowledge of Swedish culture and participate in places and in contexts with many established Swedish people.

To accelerate the integration of foreign-born and newcomer women by enabling them to participate in artistic and cultural activities such as theater, opera, concerts, exhibitions and museum visits free of charge.

(The event tickets will either be reserved from the relevant institutions on behalf of our project participants who have chosen that event in advance, or our participants who go to an event with their group will be able to get the ticket fee if they present the ticket to the Kuturens Study Association)


●To enable newly arrived women to socialize by participating in artistic and cultural activities.

●To reintegrate women who are mostly confined to their homes during the pandemic, by organizing events such as theatre, concerts, cinema, opera, exhibitions and various museum visits. Contribute to and promote the use of Swedish.

●To make it possible for immigrants to participate physically and for free in activities such as theatre, concerts, opera, music and films to promote Swedish culture and speed up their integration into society.

●To introduce Swedish literature to newly arrived women by forming groups where they will read Swedish literature and have discussions.

●To provide platforms where immigrant women can freely express their feelings. Cultural activities in Swedish positively affect the language development of newly arrived women and enable them to use Swedish more accurately and correctly.

Abstract Painting
Art Gallery

●Using the power of literature to support women's courage to express their feelings freely. Collaborate with Swedish institutions to ensure that this project takes place on a platform that fits the purpose.

●To increase the immigrant woman's contribution to society by getting support from Swedish volunteers in all stages of the project. What methods does this project use?

●This social and cultural integration project is an educational circle that will be run physically or digitally throughout Sweden.

●Circle leaders and participants will be able to participate in the social and cultural integration project digitally or physically if they wish.

●The project will also be done digitally to facilitate participation.

●Those who prefer to participate physically or digitally will complete participation forms posted on social media. Newly arrived women who complete these forms will be placed in groups appropriate for their language level.


●Social and cultural integration projects will be implemented with groups of participants whose language levels are close to each other.

●Our goal is to offer the opportunity to speak Swedish in established groups.

●Each group will be accompanied by a circle leader and they will speak Swedish together.

●Groups will consist of 4-5 participants, newly arrived women.

●Activities in the project will be communicated to all participants and circle leaders monthly via e-mail. The activities will be free in different cultural areas, for example; Theatre, opera, concert, museum and art gallery visits. There will be limited places. For this reason, it is important for groups to make their reservations in time.

●Each group is free to choose the activity to join their group from the monthly activity chart.

Ancient statues
Opera Singer

●Each group can participate in a maximum of one free activity per month. (If the group wishes, they can discuss the activity over a cup of coffee afterwards.)

●Each group can participate in a physical, cultural and social activity once a month and then meet at least once a week (physically or digitally) and talk about the event. After the activities, further meetings will be formed according to the group's preference. It will be important to share a special activity together and share our feelings and thoughts that those moments make us feel.

●The discussion and speech environment held after the events will contribute to the development of the language of newly arrived women. In addition, it will be exciting for participants to listen and understand each other's perspectives, as the activities will have different effects on each participant.

●Groups can participate in a cultural social activity once a month and should also meet at least once a week. If there are groups that want to meet more, the group participants can decide themselves the day, time and how many times.

● Each group participates in a physical, cultural and social activity once in
month and then meet at least once a week (physically or
digital) and talk about the event. We recommend that every meeting
is at least 45 minutes long.

●Tickets for the events will either be reserved from relevant institutions on behalf of our project participants who have selected that event in advance, or our participants who go to the event with their group will be able to get the ticket fee if they show the ticket to the culture association.

Film Preview

Cultural Journey form for participants

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Cultural Journey start date: 2023-09-11
Cultural Journey end date for this term: 2023-12-28
Next term starts in January


Cultural Journey form for volunteers

Social och kulturell Integration

Social and Cultural Integration Project Cultural Journey Registration form for Participants Stockholm, Uppsala and Jönköping

Social och Cultural Integration Team

Project Organizers

Hacer Korucu

Hanna Åsblom

Alexander Kirchhoff

Project controller from HIHFW

Arife Mert

Project assistants - Stockholm

Irem Nur Akin

Cansu Er

Arife Mert

Selma Gulacti

Sevda Gocmez


Project leader - Guler Bayri

Project assistants


Project leader - Tuba Yasar

Project assistant - Sefanur Ay

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