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Svensk Konversation
"Digital Fika"

It is a social project initiated to ensure that women do not lose their own activities in socio-psychological terms and that their education in Swedish is not interrupted during the pandemic days when social life is limited.

From April 2020 until the new year, 236 newcomer women from different countries got to enjoy “Svensk konversation-digital fika”. 140 newcomer women, 30 groups, are now active participants in ongoing projects. We are grateful for everyone’s participation!

Briefly about the circle “Svensk Konversation – Digital Fika”

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In the study circles, there is a permissive, democratic climate where everyone has a say and shares experiences. You as a circle leader work as an educator, inspired, and a cohesive force in the study circle.

For this, you need to attend a circle leader training at ABF Norra Stockholms län (it is located for a day or two evenings, digitally), and we have several dates ready already now, but if you do not have the opportunity to go now, you can go when the next opportunity is offered. There you will learn about folkbildning, ABF, a little about rules and other useful things.

Together with the participants, you write a work plan, where you decide approximately what you want to talk about at each opportunity and what material you want to use (eg books, websites, movies). And you as a circle leader are the ones who have contact with ABF and report attendance via a digital attendance list (so-called E-list).

Regarding how many meetings you should have and how often you should be seen, you decide it together. The rule for a study circle is to be seen at at least three meetings and that you get up to a total of at least nine study hours when the circle is over (a study hour = 45 minutes). Our proposal is to be seen 45 min / week on 9 occasions, but you can design it almost any way you want. You can be seen more often than that, and you can be seen more times after that, if you want.


To accelerate the integration of newcomer women in Swedish society,

Contribute to learning the language of the society in which they live,

To make the time they spend at home during the pandemic days instructive,

Making new friends by practicing Swedish in a digital environment and ensuring social cohesion by getting to know each other.

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During the project of Swedish Conversation Digital Coffee, as Hand in Hand for Women, we tried to help newly arrived women for their language learning process with speech activities online. In this way, they managed to dare to speak Swedish and integrate into Sweden's social life.


We think it can be an important step to learn Swedish to build a strong life for them in the future. From beginner to high school level, many participants joined online conversation groups to reduce the negative impact of the covid-19 pandemic on language learning. In addition, at the end of the spring term we had two wonderful galas that we celebrated with a large number of participants.


Now we are very happy to have such a project as Swedish Conversation Digital Coffee and therefore we as Hand in Hand for Women once again appreciate our wonderful participants, Group Leader and @abfnorrastockholmslan.


Swedish Conversation Digital Coffee will continue due to the demand of newly arrived women. But we invite all participants to reorganize Digital Fika's group together. Because we work and study at the same time working with our association's activities. It will not take much time to work on the digital project but it will be best to help each other.


And we ask for your help in working on these important projects for newly arrived women. We believe that we will be strong together and we will develop with each other. 


Chat in Swedish

Hand in Hand for Women wants to unite people to speak Swedish on the same screen.

Various programs will be used for the project via the internet (zoom, whatsapp, skype, etc.). We can practice in Swedish while drinking our coffee in our homes. We continue to develop and learn.


Our goal is to gather women with people at their own language level and offer the opportunity to speak Swedish.

Each group is accompanied by a volunteer Swede and can practice speaking Swedish together.


Groups will consist of 3-4 people.


2 – 3 people who want to learn Swedish and a Swedish participant to learn and groups are matched.


Minimum it will meet once a week and once.


Each group can decide for themselves with each other what day, time and how many times a week they should meet.



What was previously called “Digital Fika” is now becoming a study circle at ABF Norra Stockholms Län and changing its name to “Svensk Konversation – Digital Fika”. Many women are waiting to get started with circles, and there is a lack of circle leaders who can volunteer. Is it maybe you?

For some time now, Hand In Hand For Women has had conversation groups where foreign-born women conversed with an established Swede over a coffee on any digital platform. How often you meet varies, but many have chosen to see each other once a week. It has been much appreciated by everyone, and now the pressure is so high that many circle leaders are missing.

Here we tell you briefly what it’s about, and you can read more at the link below about public education, rules, the role of circle leader, etc. And you are always welcome to contact Jenny at ABF if you have any questions.

Together we do this for a better world ❤

We want to evaluate the quarantine days with quality time and new friendships.
We invite you!
Our Swedish friends and all Swedes who read this conversation.
We invite you!
All our women who boldly use Swedish in life.

If you want to take part in this project, click the button below:

Their friendship has started as digital through the "Digital Coffee" project. When the pandemic became a little smaller, Karin and Aysel were able to meet physically and they walked together in the woods.

Karin and Aysel.webp


Hello everybody!

My name is Karin. Aysel and I met on the internet via Digital Fika. We decided to organize our own group, just her and me.


We have had good contact, have fun and interesting conversations, the Swedish is fluent.


Practicing Swedish is important, but our contact means much more than that.


Around midsummer we got a chance to meet for real.


Together we went for a beautiful walk in Västervik, sat on a bench overlooking the small town, could talk to each other about each other. Now it's even easier to meet on Skype.


I would like to introduce myself and my dear friend Karin to you. How and where did we meet? Now I will tell you a little about our history.


My name is Aysel Kamal. I'm from Azerbaijan. I worked as an academic at a university in Georgia. I moved to Sweden two years ago and I am learning Swedish. We met in one of Hand in Hand for Women's projects which is Digital Coffee. We talked online almost two months ago.


I live in Västervik and Karin lives in Stockholm. Karin has come to the city where I live. That day we met for the first time and could talk face to face. It was very exciting to meet. I feel very happy.


First, I want to thank Karin for helping me improve my Swedish. And I am grateful for the association that is hand in hand for women. I can also say that this was a nice project that Hand in Hand for Women has developed.


To be integrated in society for your life and your goal in Sweden

Thank you Alicia Espinosa for the fantastic lecture.

Thank you Mikael from ABF Norra Stockholm county for the amazing performance (Music: Leva Livet).

Beyza is a teacher and her husband, Sinan is an engineer and they have been in Sweden for three years. Thank you Beyza and Sinan for good performance (Music: Gönül)



We thank to our moderator, Gülnar

Our Digital Fika project that helps us learn a new language and facilitates our integration into society.

Vi vill uttrycka vår uppriktig tacksamhet till cirkelledare och deltagare för med deras stöd i pandemi processen.

Barış came from Turkey to Sweden two years ago. Thank you Barış for joining us in that Gala

Hand in Hand For Women works for the development and integration of immigrant women in Sweden.

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