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Course Name: Free Cooking & Baking course

Do you want to take free Turkish cooking class and learn how to bake cake, sweet and savory cookies, pastries with several faster techniques?

Then this is a suitable course for you! You will bake various delicious Turkish cakes and cookies while you get to speak Swedish with several other women.

Everything you create you can take home with you if you want.

If you are interested in taking your cooking to the next level and learning various Turkish good cooking techniques and baking recipes, the cooking class is right for you.


  No prior knowledge is required for this course, everyone is welcome!

Preparation/ Materials

An approx. 3 hour meeting every Monday for 6 weeks where you will learn to create several dishes and pastries that you can take home with you.

We will provide all the materials for you and the course is completely free to anyone interested in the cooking & baking course. This is a basic course and can be topped up with more meetings if there is interest.

Circle leader:

Arya Akdemir is a chef and she prepares delicious Turkish dishes and pastries. Therefore, she wants to share her skills and knowledge with those of you who are interested in cooking and baking. She is active in the cooking and baking group in the Creative Women's project.

Start date: 1 May 2023

Closing date: 5 June 2023

Days of the week: Every Monday

Time: 17:00 / 20:00

Course type: Study circle

Participants: 6

Number of occasions: 6 weeks


Circle leader: Arya Akdemir


Location (Physical): FOLK in Skärholmen Bodholmsgången 15

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