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Holding Hands

March 8, 2019

Thousands of women and hundreds of babies are unlawfully arrested in Turkey!
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A Call Made by the Parliamentary Assembly of the

Council of Europe (PACE) in a Report in June 2008

“When imprisoning a woman, particularly if she is the sole or main carer

of children, the judicial authorities of member states should be


that this decision is more justifiable than a non-custodial sentence, given

the disruption and emotional costs which may ensue to both the mother

and child(ren).”

The Reasons why These Women are Arrested

• Women are arrested for downloading a messaging application!

• Women are arrested for working as teachers in public or private


• Women are arrested for having a dollar in their wallets!

• Women arrested for keeping a copy of the hundreds of books

legally published!

• Women are arrested for being members of some unions or


• Women are arrested for attending charity events!

• Women are arrested for the newspapers and magazines they were

subscribers of, and a TV channel they watched or a Pay TV they

were not even subscribers of!

• Women are arrested for sending text messages using Whatsapp

and posting a Tweet on Twitter!

• Women are arrested for helping the relatives of the previously

arrested women who are in need!

• Women are arrested and kept as hostages until their husbands


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