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May 25, 2019

Babies in Jail. Speak Up

The 27th of October, 2017, the ´668 babies are in Prison- Speak Up´ campaign

in Medborgarplatsen.

We drew the attention to the unlawfulness that innocent people have been facing in Turkey. The audience got horrified as they listened to us. They shared our sorrow.

668 babies are in Prison- Speak Up

In the protest held in Medborgarplatsen, dozens of people became the voice of women who were victims of violence and babies struggling to survive in difficult prison conditions.

“The issue is that there are babies in prisons. So, I want to stand here with my babies to back you up and to be the voice for these voiceless babies.” she said. She saw us on the way back home from shopping and she said she would feed her babies at home and come back later. She did so. She didn´t leave us till the end of the protest.

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