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November 15, 2018

Why did my government declare me terrorist-2?

I’m Hacer Korucu.

They put me behind bars in Turkey in place of my husband Bulent Korucu, journalist.

I was detained during a police raid to our house when they couldn’t find my husband against whom an arrest warrant has been issued by the prosecutor because of his articles as a journalist.

I was arrested by a special order of the prosecutor and accused of aiding a terrorist organization.

They threatened to arrest my whole family if my husband didn’t show up.

I was denied many of my fundamental rights including communication in the prison for months.

I had dysentery due to dirty prison water. No ambulance was called for me because I was accused of being a traitor.

I wasn’t able to appeal to international courts, because I was threatened with being transferred to a cell or prisons in other cities.

I spent eight months in a prison.

My crime was to be a journalist’s wife!

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