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Pickling and Conservation Course

This course is for you who are interested in creating your own exciting canning & pickling of vegetables or fruits for you and your family.
You will learn more about folding vinegar benefits, uses and considerations.
You will learn that vinegar is prepared through the juice of sweet fruits such as apple blossoms, grapes, dry or fresh herbs, various fruits and plants.


What do we have in our workshop?
- What is vinegar?
- What is the most important thing about homemade vinegar?
- The wine owner's place and importance in fermented food?
- What is the history of vinegar? How is vinegar made?
- What is the pH balance of water to be used for vinegar and the methods of creating living water?
- What are the tricks of the sterilization-filtering and bottling stages?
- How do we know when vinegar is formed?
- What should we do if mold has formed in vinegar?
-The secrets of making precious vinegars that have survived from the Ottoman period. Different solution methods, e.g.

- Making vinegar using infusion techniques and tincture techniques.
- What are the tricks to increase the quality of the vinegar?
- Which of vinegar in cleaning and personal care and use recommendations.
- What are the methods of measuring alcohol and pH of vinegar?


You can be a beginner or have experience with vinegar and want to brush up on your knowledge.
In the course you will learn the basics of adding vinegar.
Test yourself with a thousand-year-old beneficial vinegar ancestry for health.

Are you interested in the course?



No prior knowledge is required for this course, everyone is welcome!

Preparation/ Materials

An approx. 3-hour course every Monday for 6 weeks where you will learn to create several vinegars from vegetables and fruits for you.
We will supply all materials for example, jar, vegetables, fruits for you.

Circle leader

Gulcin Cetiner is a chemist and she creates many useful homemade vinegars. Therefore, she wants to share her skills and knowledge with those of you who are interested in making natural vinegar. She is a newly arrived woman and is active in the cooking group in the Creative Women's project.

Course type: Study circle

Start date: 8 Oct 2023

End date: 29 Oct 2023

Days of the week: Every Sunday

Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Participants: 4

Number of occasions: 4 weeks

Location: Bodholmsgången 15 i Skärholmen

Circle leader: Gulcin Cetiner

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