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Istanbul Convention

April 7, 2021


Hand in Hand for Women Discussion Series: Istanbul Convention

By addressing universal women's rights issues in Sweden and internationally, we have increased awareness for women to stand up for their own rights.
And we have succeeded in this by organizing a large seminar as the association's regular work once a year to inform immigrant women about equality and women's rights in Sweden.

We are discussing Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention with experts and human rights activists from Human Rights Association (IHD, Turkey), European Women's Lobby , Sveriges Kvinnolobby and People's Democratic Party (HDP, Turkey).

In Turkey, inefficient state protection for women and poor legal response to perpetrators makes it harder every day to keep women’s liberties intact and lives secure.

We aim to open a feminist discussion on the impacts of withdrawal from the Convention and provide a continuous support and voice adding to women’s organizations’ protests in Turkey.

Hand in Hand for Women organized a discussion about Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention with experts and human rights activists from Human Rights Association (IHD, Turkey), European Women's Lobby, Swedish Women's Lobby, and People's Democratic Party (HDP, Turkey).

It was an important event to have the speakers from such valuable organizations and discuss the Istanbul Convention from international perspectives.

We would like to thank our participants once more. It is good to know that within this equality movement we are not alone.

We do not accept Turkey’s withdrawal from Istanbul Convention.

We do not go back from our long debated rights!



Sveriges Kvinnolobby

European Women's Lobby


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Gertrud Åström

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Gertrud Åström told the history of women in Sweden and showed different perspectives and Zeynep Yilmaz told her journey in Sweden and the perspective of newly arrived women. We received great questions from you and it is being discussed.

The role of newly arrived women, municipal and state role and local role were discussed. Everything points to the fact that we must help each other and work together to fight for equality.

Gertrud Åström says that "Don't be silent, don't be afraid, dare to tell the truth, then changes begin".

Gender mainstreaming


gender equality work

Gertrud Åström is a company and organizational leader with gender equality policy and gender integration as an area of ​​expertise. In the gender equality policy investigation, she developed Sweden's gender equality policy goals. She has created the 3R method for gender equality analysis and also works internationally, among other things, within the framework of the EU's Baltic Sea Strategy. Gertrud Åström was chairman of Sweden's Women's Lobby between 2009-2015 and now sits on EWL's board. For several years, Gertrud Åström was general secretary and managing director at Ordfront.

She runs her own company with a focus on gender equality and sustainability. She has been an expert in the Agenda 2030 council in the city of Stockholm and sits on the strategic council for the research program Creaternity. In both places, her solid knowledge and experience are in demand, as gender equality is both a claim and a driving force for achieving the goals of Agenda 2030 as a whole. Gertrud Åström was named Professional Woman of the Year in 2014 and in 2018 an honorary doctorate in philosophy and technology at Luleå University of Technology.

Examples of headlines on Gertrud Åström's lectures:
- Work for equality in Sweden and in the world
- Equality is not a women's issue, equality is an expression of a general human aspiration
- Knowledge journey - gender equality and social development (longer lecture of 3 hours)
- Gender mainstreaming - goals, strategy, operationalization
- Gender mainstreaming - strategy for change
- Equal integration - point of gravity
- Equality - why, what, where, how, who, when?
- Agenda 2030 - sustainability from an equality perspective
- Equality and women's perspective
- Why is CEDAW needed when we have MR?
- If we were worth our weight in gold - equality as priority and driving force

This evening we had another brave woman. Her name is Rana Yildirim doesn't live many months in Sweden. She is a new arrival and everything is new to her but difficulties do not stop the amazing woman. She integrates herself with her instrument.

Music does not have a language, music for everyone's common point. She spreads joy and music everywhere. Many thanks to Rana!

Integrating social and cultural is the perfect path for newly arrived women. Follow us and be with us! "

Discussion Series Team


Hacer Korucu

Projekt Koordinator 

Dilek Karal 


Elif Alduman

Irem Nur Akin

Beyza Sahin

Discussion Series Team
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