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May 12, 2019

To the Mothers who miss Freedom

About a 10,000 women and 743 babies have been struggling for life in Turkish prisons. Tens of mothers who are the victims of unlawfulness lost their lives due to poor conditions in prisons or died while crossing Evros River. Artist Banu Kalmaz, a Swedish resident, expressed those women’s feelings through art on canvas


I cannot give up my purpose. Ever the darkest night has a bright morning. Even if the bright future looks like an endless whirlpool..



743 children, captivated with their moms in Turkey,
Like 743 starfish waiting to be thrown back into ocean to survive
Will you be with me to lend a helping hand



A picture painted with Quilling technique in a month with a lot of patience. The mind of a woman is full of colors even if she is surrounded by the darkness.



I am a women. Who build the future and exist in every moment and field of life.
No matter how much heavy the burden I carry,
I still dream of the happy days of the future.



Both the freedom and captivity are inside you.
Don’t lose the freedom in your heart,
Just to defy those thinking to hold you in captivity.
Oppression cannot take your wings away.



Don’t avoid your eyes baby,
Forgive me for making you share my captivity
The darkness will end one day through my love
Ignore the lack of humaneness
Please keep growing up.



A balloon of hope has taken off with seagulls from the prison in a dark night. I put my love, my longing, my home, my job, and everything else I have in it and sent it off to the open seas and freedom.



Escape towards freedom from Meric river in a dark night…



Painted with the negative painting technique from outside to inside. A woman surrounded by her fears, her freedom, the eyes looking at her, mysterious footprints, and her children, all watching over her..



One should hold on to life tight,Take root without giving up,Sprinkle seeds of goodness on the groundSo that they grow into trees to reach the blue sky,Freely…This photo is dedicated to a dedicated teacher and all the other teachers who cannot to return Turkey. Thousands of innocent people in Turkey were put behind bars without an evidence, following the staged coup of 15th July, 2016. Thousands of people went abroad not to be imprisoned. She could not go back to Turkey due to her alleged link to Gülen movement. A short time ago, she had cancer. She spent last days of her life away from parents. With the longing for her country and family, she passed away.

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