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Socioeconomic and Cultural Integration Project for Foreign-born and Newly Arrived Women

Hand in Hand for Women and Folkuniversitet collaborate on the integration issues of foreign-born and newly arrived women together

Creative Women!

(Sociocultural and Integration activities for foreign-born and newly arrived women/girls)

Hand in Hand for Women is a non-profit association that works for women's rights, equality, democracy, and integration for foreign-born and newly arrived women/girls in Sweden. The association's basic purpose is to strengthen women in Swedish society and especially focus on the integration issues of foreign-born and newly-arrived women. It is an important point for us in order for women to be able to support themselves in Sweden, but almost every third woman born outside Europe is outside the workforce and the employment gap between women and men who immigrated to Sweden is increasing. We want immigrant women to receive at least as much support as immigrant men to get more space in the labor market in Sweden and the women to use our skills and strengths together to get them. Now, Hand in Hand for Women, the association focuses on the socio-economic and cultural integration of foreign-born and newly arrived women, and there the association collaborates with Folkuniversitet in Stockholm to contribute to creating democratic conditions for newly arrived women.
Hand in Hand for Women and Folkuniversitet encourage newly arrived women to dare to speak Swedish, enter Swedish society, make new friends, and support themselves by activating the women's artistic skills/experiences in Sweden's labor market.

A warm welcome to all women and girls who want to have creativity in various handicrafts. Kreativa Kvinnor's activities provide many opportunities for foreign-born and newly arrived women who want to integrate more into Swedish society in order to gain their own financial position by using their craft knowledge and experience to enter the job market in Sweden..."

Creative women's new craft courses at Folkuniversitet in 2024!

Strengthen society with Creative Women!

Kreativa Kvinnor is a movement that highlights the creativity and craftsmanship of foreign and newly arrived women. By offering courses and workshops, the movement gives women the opportunity to share their knowledge and skills with others, while at the same time strengthening their position in society.

Now at the Folkuniversitetet in Stockholm, they will organize different craft courses such as Marbling, jewelry design, Quilling courses, cooking courses, and much more with their wonderful knowledge.

By participating in courses, you can contribute to include them in Swedish society.

Raise women's voices and give them a wide place in the labor market.

Who Are Creative Women?

Creativity as a way into society

Creative Women is a project in collaboration with Folkuniversitetet Stockholm and was started in 2022 by targeting foreign-born and newly arrived women, with skills and experience in various crafts. In addition to the creation itself, the focus is on the participants to be able to improve their Swedish and enter society and at the same time focus on encouraging women in the labor market.

Kreativa Kvinnor is part of Hand in Hand for Women, which is a non-profit association that works for equality and women's rights. The association works for the integration and development of newly arrived women. An important goal is for the participants to be able to support themselves on their own.

Many kinds of crafts

Creative women work with many kinds of crafts; including marbling, pottery, candle casting, jewelry making, soap making, sewing, felting, home decor, felt soap decoration, cooking, Remake, playing an instrument, recycling, and sustainability. Participants work and develop their craft from home and then sell it as part of their livelihood.

Would you like to contribute to the brave creative women by participating in their craft courses at Folkuniversitetet in Stockholm?

See Kreativa Kvinnor's products at the S&Y Handicrafts Festival at the Stockholm Fair in Älvsjö and at the Christmas market, the midsummer market in the Skärholmen mall/market and at various locations in Stockholm, Malmö, Jönköping, Uppsala every year.

Creative Women's project has started from August 2022. The project has received grants from gender equality authorities and from August to December has been active in all three locations in Stockholm, Uppsala and Jönköping from August - December in 2023. Now Malmö and Gothenburg have participated by holding craft markets and circles in the project. In addition, Kreativa Kvinnor's project has developed which is recycling through collaboration with the Red Cross second hand in Södermalm.

At the Red Cross, we have organized a soap-making course, a jewelry course using epoxy techniques and a jewelry course using pearls and stones with foreign-born and newly arrived women. The women remake old clothes using felting and embroidery techniques.
All courses were free and 4 foreign-born and a Swedish volunteer worked in each group together.

Creative Women Recycle in collaboration with the Red Cross

• Free Creative Women's craft courses at Södermalm Red Cross

The goal:

• Culture Education and Hand in Hand For Women association collaborate on Creative Women's Project in Stockholm, Jönköping and Uppsala. Our goal is to encourage and include foreign-born and newly arrived women in Swedish society by providing the opportunity to show their craft skills and experience.

• To contribute foreign women and their language development in society through Creative Women's craft courses.

• Taking responsibility for the environment by focusing on reusing work with other people in the courses.

• To have several chances and have confidence to learn new artist by participating in a craft course.
• Making new friends and building a social life in Creative Women's craft courses.

Methods & Material

What will we do in Creative Women's recycling craft courses.

• Get various Free materials during course periods at Södermalm Red Cross
• Culture's Education Department will provide new free materials for you throughout the courses.
• Creative Women's craft courses will start in October-November (we can write a specific time)
• In each course there should be a circle leader and 3–4 foreign women and 1–2 Swedish speakers in a group.
• In each courses should be 2 hours
• Each circle leader can choose different materials for their participants within courses at the Red Cross or participants can collect their materials from home.
• Sales will be for the benefit of the Red Cross but participants can get their garments to do embroidery or etc.
• To create a recycled guilt window (or: and Christmas market) with your products that you have made that were produced on courses at Södermalm Red Cross at Christmas time in December.

• Of course, you also have the opportunity to create your own designs on your own clothes, provided you bring them from home.

• By applying different craft techniques, such as different embroidery and jewelry techniques, to the used items you choose from the Red Cross or your own item, you can create your own concept and make a difference with an old item and material.

What can you learn in Creative Women's courses

• Learn new crafting skills
• Do useful work with women for the environment
• Take responsibility for the environment and work on environmentally friendly work with second-hand and recycled materials with your group


Recycle work within Creative Women's project!
Kreativa Kvinnor project has focused on environmental work with recycled clothes and materials to create environmental awareness among foreign-born and newly arrived women since 2023.