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Course Name: Free Felting paintings & jewelry course

This is a course for those who want to try designing their own jewelry through felting. You can be a beginner or have experience with felting and want to brush up on your skills. In that course you will learn the basics of dry felting and needle felting techniques. Experience how with wool you can create everything from beautiful brooches and flowers for yourself or others. The points that you as a beginner will learn depend entirely on what you wish to do. We provide free materials and tools.


Are you interested in the course?


  No prior knowledge is required for this course, everyone is welcome!

Preparation/ Materials

An approx. 3 hour meeting on Wednesdays for 6 weeks where you will learn to create, for example, beautiful flowers, bracelets, necklaces and brooches.

This is a basic course and can be completed with several occasions where we make more advanced home decorations and jewelry with several fine felting techniques.

We will teach you how to braid wide bracelets or necklaces using dry felting with a needle.

Circle leader:

Selma Gulacti is an artist. She makes the jewelery like necklaces/bracelets from decorative, modern and special felting designs. Selma is active as a felting designer in the Creative Women's project.

Start date: 3 May 2023

Closing date: 7th June 2023

Days of the week: Every Wednesday

Time: 17:00 - 20:00

Course type: Study circle

Participants: 6

Number of occasions: 6 weeks


Circle leader: Selma Gulacti

Location (Physical): WORKLOUNGE SKHLM Skärholmen Centrum

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