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Crochet course  Jönköping

Take part in the course "Crochet" by course leader Filiz Aktas and learn to get it right. Crochet (from crochet, from German, 'work', 'perform') is a textile technique that is performed with a crochet hook (also called a crochet hook) and yarn. Using the needle, which has a hook at one end, loops are created that are attached to each other. Different kinds of stitches are used in different ways to create different patterns and textures. There are theories that Italian nuns took up crocheting as early as the 16th century. Others believe that the technology originated in the Middle East and spread to Europe with the Arab immigration to Spain. There are also theories that lumber was used in South America and China a very long time ago.

Course leader Filiz will teach you to crochet a collar, brooch, key ring and a bag during the four-week course.


The course requires basic crochet skills.

Preparation/ Materials

Lessons are held for approximately 3 hours every Monday, for four weeks.
The material will be arranged by Kulturens förening. Therefore, you do not have to pay any fees.

Circle Leader

The instructor is a landscape architect from Turkey and has crocheted passionately since childhood. Interested in crafts and skilled at crocheting toys.

Course type: Study circle

Start date: 30 Oct 2023

End date: 20 Nov 2023

Days of the week: Every Monday

Time: 18:00 - 21:00

Location: Birkagårdens Folkets Hus

Adress: Österängen, Birkagatan 12 B, Jönköping

Number of occasions: 4 weeks

Price: Free

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