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Marbling Art, which depicts creativity and dreams, is one of the traditional Turkish artists. In this art, the artist paints his soul on the water in a marbling boat. All colors are drawn slowly on the paper. And a masterpiece emerges. If you want to know what the art of marbling is, how the art of marbling is done and what kind of materials are needed in the art of marbling, let's go on this journey together.

Together with the circle leader Nuray Dikmen, you will learn the history of Ebru art, its artists and all the details and techniques of Ebru art in the course.



The course is available to everyone, no prior knowledge is required.

Preparation/ Materials

Classes are held every Wednesday for approximately 2 hours for four weeks.

The material is arranged by the group leader and is free of charge. All materials including marbling boat, marbling paper, cattle gall, comb, lake kadayif, weft, brush, earth colors and sewing tools are available on our course.

During the course, the circle leader Nuray Dikmen introduces the participants to the art of marbling, starting with "Battal Ebru", which is the first of the marbling techniques, and with many other techniques such as Taraklı marbling, Nightingale's nest, Hatip marble, Gel-git Ebru, Şal marbling, Flowers Marbling, in all details and details He will show you the techniques in practice, together with the techniques, during the course.

Circle Leader

Nuray Dikmen is an artist in love with art and nature. She also emphasizes visual aesthetics by incorporating all her emotions while creating her artwork. His philosophy of life operates with the idea that "any individual left without art has one of his life's veins severed". Because art has a healing effect, like therapy... Wouldn't you like to stop and take a breath in the hustle and bustle of this fast-flowing life, says artist Nuray Dikmen.


Course type: Study circle

Start date: 4 Oct 2023

End date: 25 Oct 2023

Days of the week: Every Wednesday

Time: 17:00 - 20:00

Number of participants: 4

Number of occasions: 4 weeks

Location: Bandstolsvägen-756 48 Uppsala

Circle Leader: Nuray Dikmen


Course type: Study circle

Start date: 7 Oct 2023

End date: 28 Oct 2023

Days of the week: Every Saturday

Time: 12:00 - 15:00

Number of participants: 4

Number of occasions: 4 weeks

Location: Bodholmsgången 15 i Skärholmen i Stockholm

Circle Leader: Nuray Dikmen

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