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Turkish flute “Ney” course

This course is aimed at both beginners and experienced people. In this course, beginners will get a basic training in sheet music for the Ney, how to blow the Ney, and how to learn notes on the Ney to play pieces of music. For experienced people, advanced technique and performance of musical pieces will be included in the course.
The ney is a wind instrument with roots in Sufi and Ottoman history that is unique to Turkish music. During the four sessions we will experiment with different sounds and notes on the Ney. We will take basic sheet music lessons and apply those notes to Ney, and we will practice and experiment with them. Beginners will learn how to get sound to come out of the Ney and for the advanced participants I will teach how to improve the use of the Ney and advanced techniques. Unless otherwise stated, the course is limited to 4 participants per session. Applications are accepted in the order they are received.


No prior knowledge and skills are needed.

Preparation/ Materials

Materials are provided free of charge to participants. Ney (flute) and sheet music will be used.


Circle leader

Rana Yıldırım is a Ney (flute) instructor. She works within the Creative Women project.

Start date: 24 Oct 2023

Closing date: 14 Nov 2023

Days of the week: Every Monday

Time: 17:00 - 20:00

Course type: Study circle

Participants: 5

Number of occasions: 4 weeks

Location: Bodholmsgången 15 i Skärholmen

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