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Turkish pastry course  Stockholm

We offer a free, unique and engaging experience where participants are united in a high-class communal cooking activity. The activity is designed so that it binds the participants together and develops both relationships and can be carried out in the afternoon at 5-8 pm at our premises in Skärholmen for a group of 4 people.

You enjoy and have coffee together with other participating women, while eating good food/pastries that you baked/cooked together.


The course is available to everyone, no prior knowledge is required.

Preparation/ Materials

An approx. 3-hour course every Monday for 4 weeks where you will learn to create several cooking and baking for you.

We will supply all the equipment for you and the course is completely free for anyone interested in cooking & baking course.

Circle Leader

Arya Akdemir wants to share her skills and knowledge with those of you who are interested in baking Turkish pastries/food. She is a newly arrived woman and is active in the cooking group in the Creative Women's project.

Course type: Study circle

Start date: 28 Oct 2023

End date: 19 Nov 2023

Days of the week: Every Thursday

Time: 17:00 - 19:15

Number of participants: 4

Number of occasions: 4 weeks

Location: Bodholmsgången 15 i Skärholmen i Stockholm

Circle Leader: Arya Akdemir

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