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Local Political Equality Debate

How will more foreign-born women in Stockholm be able to get to work, support themselves and take control of their own lives? What does it take for all girls to feel good and feel safe at school? How can impunity for violent and sexual crimes be stopped and vulnerable women be protected?


On International Women's Day 2022, Sweden's Women's Lobby together with Hand in hand for women, Daisy and Kvinnocenter in Tensta-Hjulsta organized a local political hearing on gender equality with a focus on the rights of foreign-born women.


The debate took place at Rinkeby library and was part of the initiative Kvinnor krokar arm, which works for a society free of violence against women.

Participating politicians:

Emilia Bjuggren (S) - opposition councilor Katarina Luhr (MP) - equality, environment and climate councilor Andréa Hedin (M) - member of the labor market committee Anna Rantala Bonnier (Fi) - substitute social committee Patrick Amofah (C) - member of Rinkeby-Kista district committee Participating representatives from Hand in hand for women who asked questions to the politicians: Hacer Korucu Zeynep Yilmaz Fatima Mavigöz Moderator: Clara Berglund, Secretary General, Sweden's Women's Lobby

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