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Sweden must seriously stand up for the struggle of Iranian, Kurdish, Afghan and Saudi women. The Swedish women's movement demands that the outgoing and incoming government act quickly and forcefully to support the liberation movement. It should be obvious for Sweden, a pioneering country for equality and women's rights, to stand on the side of the most oppressed women. The feminist revolution is going on now and does not take into account that Sweden has a transitional government.

Jina (Masha) Amini was arrested by the Iranian morality police for wearing her veil too loosely. She died in captivity shortly thereafter. Her death has sparked protests around the country and globally. More and more women and girls gather, demonstrate, take off their veils and cut their hair.

They protest against women and girls not being allowed to dress as they want, but also against other discriminatory legislation. Iranian civil law states that the man is the head of the family. Married women cannot get a divorce or obtain a passport without the husband's consent. Violence and rape within marriage is legal. Women are barred from sporting events and forbidden to sing in public. Although many women have an education, only around 13 percent have a paid job. The oppression of women and girls in Iran knows no bounds.

Risking their lives, Iranian women have now taken to the streets in protest. In many places, their struggle has grown into a broader movement for democracy and freedom for all, which also fights for the rights of Kurds. The mobilization has so far been met with brutal violence from the Iranian regime. So far, over 125 people have been killed. Nevertheless, the protests continue. What we are witnessing is a feminist freedom revolution among some of the world's most oppressed women and girls. Throughout history, women and girls have stood on the barricades for their own and their children's rights. Time and time again they have been knocked down but got back up. This requires strength, determination and courage. The courage we now see in the women and girls of Iran is unparalleled. Then it is not enough to speak at demonstrations in front of a Swedish audience or make encouraging cheers on social media. We must do everything we can to support the women and girls of Iran in their struggle.

The Swedish women's movement unconditionally supports the struggle of our Iranian sisters. We demand that Sweden, the EU and the international community do everything in their power to support the struggle of Iranian women and ensure their safety. The same applies to women in countries like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia who also live in inhumane conditions and where every attempt to organize is brutally crushed. They can now draw strength from the feminist revolution in Iran. As long as a woman is bound, no woman is free.

The Swedish women's movement condemns the persecution, imprisonment, torture and deadly violence against women in Iran. The collective Swedish women's movement demands:

●That Sweden officially supports the feminist freedom revolution and works for the international community to condemn the regime, recall the Swedish ambassador from Iran and assert women's freedom and rights in all contacts with Iran, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan in foreign and trade policy.

●That Swedish organizations and companies that still operate in Iran must contribute to documenting abuses that take place and contribute to bringing information into and out of the country, and that the Swedish and international companies that provide internet and telephony must, in violation of the regime, provide the channels for the people.

●That the EU sanctions that are underway against the regime in Iran be decided and quickly implemented. We also want to see similar, harsh sanctions against the regimes in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, until an improvement for women's rights has taken place.

●That Swedish aid to women's and girls' rights in Iran and Afghanistan be scaled up for a long time to come and that funds be earmarked for women's and girls' own organizations for the continued struggle for their rights. Sweden should also work for the EU and the UN to start special collections.

●That Sweden lives up to international conventions, that women from Iran, Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan who are subjected to gender-based persecution are granted residence permits in Sweden. None of these women should be deported from Sweden. Sweden must work to ensure that all European countries grant these women residence permits in EU countries. Sweden must also work for the EU to create safe routes away from the brutal repression.

●That Iran be excluded from international sports championships, such as the upcoming soccer World Cup. The Swedish Football Association and FIFA must stand up for all women's right to exercise and participate in sports.


The government should immediately convene all parliamentary parties to support the feminist freedom revolution. The fight is on now and can't wait. Don't let the women and girls of Iran be silenced forever.

Signed by:
Alexandra Pascalidou, Chair, UN Women Sweden
Amanda Lundeteg, CEO, Stiftelsen Allbright
Amineh Kakabaveh women's rights activist, former Member of Parliament and chairman of VHEK
Anne-Marie Morhed, Chairwoman, KAF Women's Academics Association
Bella Battaglioli, Operations Manager, Kvinnojouren Anna
Bernardita Nunez, Operations Manager, Terrafem
Birgitta Sevefjord, chairman, aunt patrol
Britt-Marie S Torstensson Chairman Winnet Sweden
Bulle Davidsson, chairman, Women in the Church of Sweden
Camilla Wagner, chairman, Fredrika Bremer association.
Cecila Silfwerbrand, chairman, SKEN
Christine Olsen, Chairman, Niejda
Elsy Hedlund, president, International Women's Federation
Emma Knaggård Wendt, General Secretary, Ownershift
Ewa Larsson, chairman, Green Women
Gertrud Åström, chairman, Baltic Sea Peace
Gunnel Hall, chairman of KvinnorKan
Hacer Korucu, President, Hand in Hand for Women
Iante Holmberg, chairman, Swedish Women's Left Federation
Irada Söderberg, chairman, Föreningen Förenade Kvinnor
Jenny Westerstrand, chairman, Roks
Kerstin Åkare, chairman, DEA association
Klaudia Jagne, president, Riksförbundet Internationale Föreningen Fem -Inclusion - (RIFFI)
Lisel Naeslund, chairman of Birth Rights Sweden
Maria Johansson, chair FQ, Forum - Women and disability
Maria Rashidi, President, Women's Right
Marie Trollvik, chairman, Lönepilotsarna
Olga Persson, chairman, Unizon
Seyran Duran, President Kurdistan Women's Union
Sofia Kühner, president, Women's Doctors Association
Susannah Sjöberg, chairperson, Sweden's Women's Organizations
Susanne Sznajderman-Rytz, chairman, WIZO Sweden
Teresia Gamme and the board of Queens of Kalmar
Walla Carlsson, chairman, EQ woman

Public Demonstration
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