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Together for Equality and Integration

Hand in hand for Women and Culture's educational activities had received a grant from the Equality authorities to collaborate for foreign-born and newly arrived women together for the "Together for Equality and Integration" project in 2023.

The project's target group was foreign-born and newly arrived women who live in socio/economically vulnerable areas in Stockholm, Jönköping and Uppsala. The activities were active with several parts which were lectures, Creative women's courses, Cultural Trip, and Digital Coffee in Stockholm, Jönköping and Uppsala.

Creative Women
The Kreativa Kvinnor activity was aimed at foreign-born and newly arrived women who have skills and experience in various crafts and who want to improve their Swedish and enter society.
We offered courses, workshops, markets and craft festivals in various locations in Sweden to build networks and promote economic freedom. The participants also learn to use their artistic talents and skills. In addition to the creation itself, the focus is on the participants also being able to improve their Swedish and enter society. In the project, women from several age generations meet as we have participants of all ages.
The business will continue to develop by including women from all age groups, young and old, and the goal was to encourage women in Swedish society in Stockholm, Uppsala and Jönköping. In the business, women can participate in art and cultural activities and gain employment opportunities.
Together for equality and integration projects provided important solutions to women's social isolation, to reach and encourage many women who are new to Sweden in several cities with craft courses and workshops with the support of the equality agency's grant.

Cultural Journey:
Kulturella Resan activities were active in Stockholm, Jönköping and Uppsala and worked to speed up the integration of newly arrived women by making it possible for them to participate free of charge in both artistic and cultural activities such as theater, opera, concerts, exhibitions and museum visits. Through the activity, the women also get to practice the Swedish language, as we discuss our experiences in a study circle after the events. Foreign-born and newly arrived women have good language skills, networks and self-confidence by participating in cultural activities. The women gain increased knowledge of Swedish culture and participate in places and in contexts with many established Swedish people.

Digital Coffee:
The business was active in Stockholm, Jönköping and Uppsala and aims to help newly arrived women improve their Swedish and make new friends through digital coffee breaks. We used digital platforms such as Zoom, Teams and WhatsApp to make it easy for everyone to participate, no matter where they live. The meetings take place every month.

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