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May 31, 2020




Location: Karlbergsvägen 86A

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Alicia Espinosa will be holding a workshop on "The Art of Setting Goals and Achieving Them" with us foreign born women.

  Creating goals and sub-goals is necessary to be able to see where you are going and understand why you are doing what you are doing. Clear goals that are easy to evaluate are a support for getting ahead in life.

  You can have enough motivation while having the challenge to reach your goal in life.

Have you set goals for what you want your 2023 to look like?

  Space will be limited to 12 people. Would you like to be one of them?

Come and fill out the form.

Digital Conversation (under pandemic days)

Digital Samtal is a project on a series of informative seminars that started during the hard pandemic days. In the project of Digital Samtal, Hand in Hand for Women collaborated with the distinguished organizations for the full integration of newcomer immigrant women and prevent the inequalities based on gender and migration in Sweden.

We organize informative conversations about women’s rights struggle in Sweden with the help of ´Digital Samtal´. 99 women have participated in this project during three conversations.

Women Colleagues
Young Businesswomen


To inform immigrant women who gathered in Svensk Konversation – Digital Fika project more about Swedish society.

To speed up integration.


Encouraging women in the social field by raising awareness of social rules, women’s rights and opportunities,


To facilitate access for women from all regions in Sweden who participate in Svensk Konversation – Digital Fika to the information that is necessary for their lives.

Project Goal


Speakers participating in Digital Samtal are encouraged to send their notes on their speech to Hand in Hand for Women at least five days before the presentation. The goal is to achieve this:

  • Help all participants to read and understand the Digital Samtal’s text in advance by sending an e-mail to all participants.

  • Encourage the courage to actively ask questions in Swedish about Conversation, who are aware of the subject.

Girl Using Laptop

The first speaker for Digital Samtal was with the Swedish women’s lobby Kvinnolobby organizational secretary Anna Stina.

Digital Samtal, made with 26 newcomer women, was conducted in a fun and educational environment with mutual issues. Based on the feedback received, it was decided to continue the digital conversation with new topics.

We organized in collaboration with ABF Norra Stockholms län the second Digital Samtal for women. The speaker was Irene Opira, Secretary-General of RIFFI. Irene presented RIFFI in general and projects that RIFFI does for newcomer women.

Digital Samtal is completely free.

Do not forget that we women are stronger together!

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AnnaStina Johansson, organization secretary for Sweden’s Women’ Lobby

June 26, 2020

As a Hand-in-hand for women, we hold our first “Digital Samtal with AnnaStina Johansson who is the organization secretary for Sweden’s Women’ Lobby on 26 of June 2020.


We sincerely thank AnnaStina for raising important issues of women’ rights and projects of Kvinna Lobby in this field. It was so exciting to be doing such a videocınferencing with AnnaStina.


We would also like to thank Nihan, who was the moderator of the program, and other participating women for their support and interest.


We did not forget our new participants women thanks to them for their courage, sharing, and expressing their life experiences.


Hand in hand for women will continue its projects and works in this field as a “Digital Samtal” and “Digital Fika”. Your contributions, supports, and attandency are very valuable for us. All women can follow our association to find out about new conversations. We think it is important to be together to develop ourselves and be stronger women. A ´Digital Samtal´ with riffimigrantwomen is on its way.

Sveriges Kvinnolobby
Digital Samtal 1
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August 7, 2020

Irene Opira, Secretary General of RIFFI
(Riksförbundet Internationella Föreningen Fem-Inclusion)

We, Hand in Hand for Women, held our second Digital Samtal with Irene Opira who is Secretary General of RIFFI in cooperation with ABF on the 7th of August 2020.


We offer our gratitude to Irene for her participation and also for addressing important issues of women’s rights and the projects of RIFFI. It was a great pleasure for us to benefit from Irene’s knowledge and experience.


Once again, we would like to thank Nihan, the moderator of our program, and all our participants. We are grateful to our new participants for their support and interest.


Hand in Hand for Women will continue their projects because we would like to gain new knowledge about different opportunities for all women in Sweden.


All women are welcome to follow our association to find out about new conversations. We think it is exciting but also important to be together to develop ourselves and be stronger women!